Do you know your pet's carbon pawprint?

Sustainability is a part of Agria’s DNA and as the UK’s first carbon-positive pet insurer, we’re passionate about everything we can do to care for the world we share with our animals.

We have partnered with Eco Offset to help our customers measure and offset their pets' carbon pawprint, through our exclusive Carbon Pawprint Calculator!

By offsetting your pet, you are contributing to amazing, accredited climate projects around the world, including renewable energy schemes and afforestation programmes.

Together we’ve already offset over 168 tonnes of carbon, that’s equivalent to the carbon footprint of over 250,000 take away coffees! Join us as we continue our journey towards a greener future.


Take a look at how some carbon pawprints compare below…

Cat320 (kgs)
Weighs 4kgEats a standard dry diet Has 1 week in a cattery
Labrador1,285 (kgs)
Weighs 30kgEats a premium diet Has a dog walker
Great Dane4,124 (kgs)
Weighs 55kgEats a raw diet Goes to day care

Did you know?

Carbon emissions are usually counted in tonnes of CO2e. This is how we measure our pet’s carbon pawprint.

But just how big is a tonne of carbon? Here are handy some comparisons to everyday items to give you an idea.

  • 1,000
    Loaves of bread

  • 2,500
    plastic bottle
    Plastic water bottles

  • 4,854
    Hours watching Netflix

  • 14,085
    cup of tea
    Cups of tea

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